Surprising developments in the case of Daniel Sanchowho remains in preventive detention in Koh Samui prison awaiting trial after confessing that he murdered and dismembered the Colombian surgeon Edwin Arrieta. This Monday, Colonel Panya Niratimanon, one of those in charge of the investigation, revealed that the son of Rodolfo Sancho He did not act alone: “He did not arrive in Thailand from Spain, he came from another country accompanied by another person, but I cannot tell you more details. You will see it in the trial.”

Some statements that the program has collected We’ll see and that reinforces one of the first theories of the expert lawyer Carmen Balfagonwho spoke about the case on television before being hired by Rodolfo Sancho: “I’m sure he was accompanied. Dismembering a corpse takes a long time. They say it can be three hours only if you are helped by someone. It is absurd that part of it is taken to the sea and the rest is not taken. “If you rented a kayak and dumped the whole body, it would never have been discovered,” he said.

If this possibility is confirmed, Daniel Sancho’s judicial situation would worsen significantly, since the Prosecutor’s Office could add one more crime to the count: membership in a criminal gang.

The defense of the Spanish chef works against the clock to prepare the court date next November 27. In it, the Thai prosecutor’s office will present the evidence they have against Daniel to support the crimes of which they accuse him (premeditated murder, concealment of a corpse and destruction of private documentation). Marcos García-Montes and his team will respond with “a defense brief ensuring that the detainee’s fundamental rights have been violated regarding the interpreter, the grotesque reconstruction of the events or the invitation to a restaurant in a 5-star hotel,” have revealed. “In addition, the basis will be to prove that there was indeed a fight to prove that it was a reckless and unpremeditated homicide. They will present their brief with prepared evidence, with witnesses, experts and criminological reports carried out in Spain.”