Letizia’s romantic message with her Coreterno ring: symbol of the “love that moves everything”

He doesn’t take it off. The Queen always wears this ring on the index finger of her left hand. She also shows it off in this official pose that commemorates the 20th anniversary of her marriage to Don Felipe. The most striking thing, the inscription: ‘Amor che tutto move’ (love moves everything)words inspired by a quote from the Divine Comedyby Dante.

The Queen wears this Coreterno ring as a ring, not as a wedding ring. We saw it months ago at the most important official event of the year for her daughter Leonor: the swearing in of the Constitution upon reaching the age of majority on October 31, 2023.

Leonor, on the day she turned 18 and swore the Constitution, hugs her mother. Letizia wears the Coreterno ring on her left hand

Italian design: 1,175 euros

The piece is the work of Roman jeweler designer Michelangelo Brancato, 54 years old. Brancato, founder of the Italian brand Coreterno in 2015, is the person responsible and inspiring this ring that has become inseparable from the Queen. Its price? 1,175 euros.

The connection between Letizia and her daughters is enormous. This time, she also in the rings. In the official photos of the anniversary, Leonor wears a ring like her mother wears, on the index finger of her left hand.