Cristina Tárrega nails Mediaset: she begged for her own program on TVE but they only offered her to cook on ‘Masterchef’

Ambition knows no limits and if not, ask the Valencian journalist. The failure of her alone with her Life without filters relegated her to the background in the Fuencarral chain, where her great friend Ana Rose He took her off the bench, offering her a chair at his evening table. But Cristina Tarrega He wants to be a starter and is not afraid to bite the hand that feeds him to achieve it. Or what is the same, betraying Mediaset (and Quintana) for a good program in the competition.

According to Maria PatinoMami Quevedo’s wife went to TVE a few weeks ago to ask for a solo format: “She has been in the Public facilities and those walls heard that she would be willing to give up the Telecinco program if something was given to her there”.

The negotiation did not go as expected but Tárrega did not leave the Prado del Rey offices empty-handed either: they did not offer him to present a program but he did offer to participate in one of the crown jewels of the house, Masterchef Celebrity. “Tárrega was selected to participate in the cooking program at a rate of 15,000 euros per week”Patiño has revealed in his recently released format Ni que fuerámos, on the Quickie Channel. “He couldn’t stay because it was announced that his summer program was coming back.”

Life without filters

Indeed, last April it was announced that Telecinco was rescuing Life without filters, the program that Tárrega hosted in the summer of 2023 without much success: the first season had an average of a weak 9% share and 695,000 viewers. The format, which aired in prime time on Saturday, only exceeded 10% share on two occasions and its minimum was 7.8% in its second installment.

Those responsible are studying the format and designing some changes to obtain a better response from the audience in the new edition, which will most likely premiere in the month of July. We remember that Life without filters is produced by Unicorn Content, Ana Rosa Quintana’s factory, which is also responsible for The Critical Look, Let’s See, TardeAR, Time to Time, Party and the series The Marquiswhich is on promotion.