The Valkenswaard United team, winner of the Global Champions League Marqués de Riscal Trophy from CSI5 Madrid


The Valkenswaard United team was proclaimed winner of the Global Champions League Marqués de Riscal Trophy of CSI5 Madrid this Friday after the competition that measured thirteen teams in two scoring events at the Villa de Madrid Country Club.

Only two of them finished the first test without penalty at heights of 1.55 meters, with zero points: Valkenswaard United and Riesenbeck International. In the second, held at heights of 1.60 meters, both the Dutch team and the German team kept the same riders: Gilles Thomas-John Whitaker and Cristian Kukuk-Philipp Weishaupt.

The strategy was more positive for Valkenswaard United, since Gilles Thomas repeated zero with “Ermitage Kalone”, penalizing only 1 point for time, and John Whitaker, penalized 6 points also for time with “Equine America Unick du FrancPort”, while that Riesenbeck International dropped positions on the podium, ending the second round with 8 points, thus placing third.

The host team, Madrid In Motion, was classified in second position, made up of the Spanish rider Eduardo Álvarez Aznar and Maikel Van der Vleuten, who finished both tests with 8 points, with a brilliant double zero in the second test, in which the Spaniard he used “Rokfeller”, instead of “D’Orient”, with which he had raced the first. Maikel Van der Vleuten had a knockdown in the first test with “Dywis” and also with “Beauville Z”.

Regarding the individual classifications of each of the two tests, the first was won by the Englishman Ben Maer riding “Exit Remo”, while the second was won by the Austrian Max Kühner with “EIC Up Too Jacco Blue”.

After these results from the Madrid headquarters, the provisional classification of the Global Champions League is very tight, led by Cannes Stars with 87 points, ahead of the Stockholm Hearts team, with 86, and Valkenswaard United, which occupies third place with 84 points.

The morning program of this first day consisted of three tests. In the Outdoor Plus Trophy, the highest event of the day with obstacles of 1.40 meters, Martim Portela Morais, representing Portugal, dominated the competition with “Jamal Z”, with victory by a margin of one second over the second classified , the Spanish rider Pilar Cordón riding “Noblesse du Palis”.

In the Madrid Horse Week Foundation Trophy, the Madrid junior rider, Hugo Vicente, won the victory riding “Indretto Dl Coco”, playing the Spanish national anthem for the first time at 113 CSI Madrid. Furthermore, in the MARCA Trophy, Fernando de los Santos, representing Spain, achieved victory together with “Isba Cpas”.