Leonor’s phone call to her grandmother, Doña Sofía, during her admission to the hospital

Princess Leonor was attentive to the health of her grandmother, Doña Sofía, during the four days of her admission to the Ruber clinic in Madrid. The grandchildren and children of the emeritus were also interested in her condition. Specifically, Leonor, who is at the Zaragoza Military Academy, called Doña Sofía to find out how she … Read more

Everything we know about the NGO that has received 2.3 million from the fund linked to Juan Carlos I

JMR 2004 Trust is the mysterious financial instrument linked to Juan Carlos I and created in the tax haven of the island of Jersey, in the English Channel, which has received more than two million pounds (2,334,000 euros). The donation comes from a fund owned by the historian and former banker Joaquín Romero Maura who … Read more

“I’m tired of him using me to hurt me”

A Carmen Borrego dwarfs grow. Added to her problems with her son and daughter-in-law over the “poisonous” interview with which they publicly attacked her is the ‘betrayal’ of Gustavoher mother’s former driver and whom both she and Have him They consider themselves a brother. The two met last week in a cafeteria in Madrid and … Read more

Belén Esteban explodes after being accused of putting on a show at Isabel Pantoja’s concert: “Embarrassing”

Saturday, April 13. The Wizink Center full to see Isabel Pantoja. In the VIP stands, Terelu Campos, Hiba Abouk y Belen Esteban, among many others. The ‘people’s princess’ got so involved in the role that she jumped the security barriers and she had to be reprimanded by those responsible for order. There were dozens of … Read more

This was the ‘secret’ wedding of the bullfighter Vicente Ruiz ‘El Soro’ and Eva Rogel: white suit and an exceptional witness

Theirs has not been an easy love story but it has been a love story with a happy ending. Vicente Ruiz El Soro y Eva Rogel They became husband and wife in September 2022, as Beatriz Cortázar revealed this Monday. But to understand how destiny has pulled its strings to unite the bullfighter with his … Read more