The Royal Family, in casual mode with jeans and sneakers: Letizia stands out with a coral red and her daughters, so centennial

It’s the pose of the year. The Kings and their daughters have been photographed to celebrate 20 years of marriage, which will be celebrated next Wednesday, May 22. In this production, which Casa Real has distributed, relaxed and sporty looks count a lot. For this reason, because it is the pose of the year, every detail adds up. This photo session in the Campo del Moro Gardens in Madrid conveys that to us: closeness and naturalness. Family images with jeans and sneakers. The Queen is an expert in managing communication through fashion. This is so.

We begin this analysis with Letizia, who stands out, in terms of colors, with an intense red. It is a coral-colored tweed jacket with fringe on the sleeves and bottom that we saw last May 6 at an event of the Princess of Girona Foundation at the Teatro Real. It’s a spring design from Mango.

The Queen has chosen this red, which transmits to us that energy and passion that she puts into her work. He winks at his commentary red Letizia, a fetish tone that for years was labeled as his favorite. He has completed his outfit with basic white casual pants and white sneakers, which he does not take off these days due to his broken toe on his right foot when he hit a table in a domestic accident, as we were informed by Casa Real.

Letizia, on May 6 at the Royal Palace. On the right, the official portrait.

It so happens that on the same day that the Queen appeared in sneakers due to her injury, on May 6 at the Royal Palace in Madrid, she wore the same red Mango jacket that she is wearing in this official session.

The King does match his daughters in tone. Don Felipe, faithful to the blues, poses with a jacket and without a tie, key to the call relaxed style. Blue chino pants and 100% casual shoes. Blue always triumphs in portraits for its relaxing and serene effect..

Leonor and Sofía, so centennial

Matching in that spectrum of colors, Leonor, with a light blue jacket very similar to some of the ones her mother wears in that baby tone. Also, like her, nuclear white pants. The Princess of Asturias’ jeans have that centennial touch of fringed hem and openings. White, like blue, is a classic for poses. White projects peace, harmony and light.

The infanta, faithful to her very personal style of her generation zeta, has put on straight jeans and a white bullfighter with black fringe details on the seams of the pockets and collar. Very Sofiaher extra long hair and her flat ballet flats.