Sergio Ramos is linked to another woman amid rumors of crisis with Pilar Rubio

The trickle of information about the marriage of Pilar Rubio y Sergio Ramos. The soccer player attended the Latin Grammy gala in the company of his sister and did not give any explanation for the absence of his wife. The athlete is even linked to another woman.

“Sergio could have another type of relationship with someone else. “There are people who point out that she could have been with someone else and there is even talk of a specific name that I don’t want to mention at the moment,” the journalist said. Marisa Martin Blazquez this Monday on Telecinco.

These statements come a few days after it was reported that the Sevilla player went accompanied by “three friends” to the party Alejandro Sanz last week within the framework of the gala. Rubio was missing from both events, which raised doubts about the stability of their relationship.

Likewise, there are those who deny that the footballer and the presenter are estranged. According to Pilar Vidal on Antena 3, there is no crisis between them. Both Rubio and Ramos were accredited to go to the musical event, but in the end she did not attend because “He didn’t feel like going to Seville.”

The couple’s personal photographer also attended the gala because “they had agreed to it.” “Could there have been some anger? Well, it could be. They neither confirm it nor deny it to me,” said Vidal, who affirms that the one between Rubio and Ramos is “a solid marriage with indestructible pacts.”

For now Neither party has commented on the matter., since on their social networks they have only published content linked to their work plans and commitments in recent days. It should be noted that last Friday they congratulated their son Marco together, acting completely normally.

“Our Marquito has turned 8 years old. We are very proud of you. To see you grow, laugh and learn. And that you are always unique, with that tenderness that life gives us. Congratulations, son! We love you madly,” they wrote on Instagram. Some words that were accompanied by family photographs in which they appeared very happy.