Very secretive on social networks, María José Campanario I had the lock on Instagram until early this Monday. The wife of Jesulín de Ubrique He has finally taken the step of opening his account so that everyone can take a look at it and follow each of his steps. The dentist was encouraged by the bullfighter himself, who did the same not long ago.

“A few months ago I began to consider the possibility of leaving this account public. Above all, since Jesús opened his own account here and I began to receive many requests. I had many others pending, so, welcome,” he wrote along to a selfie.

On the comments wall, Campanario has received a message from his daughter Julia: “How pretty Mari!” Blanca RomeroJesulín’s partner in Masterchef Celebrity, has joined the messages with some emoticons full of love. Also Tania Llasera: “What a good face friend.”

Once your Instagram profile is open, all your photos have been visible to everyone. Among the 24 publications, there is a very special one with the bullfighter: “My whole world,” she wrote along with a selfie of the two. “Happy International Kiss Day,” he wrote in another publication along with an image of the two, very adventurous.

Photos with the father of her three children flood her profile. Also selfies, photos of landscapes and special moments. She also uses stories, where she has fallen in love with Rosalía’s performance singing by Rocío Jurado at the Latin Grammys in Seville, held last Thursday.

After more than 20 years of marriage and the birth of little Hugo in June of last year, Jesús and she are just as in love as the first day. A few weeks ago they opened the doors of Ambiciones to all of Jesún’s colleagues on the La 1 cooking show. Campanario seemed very relaxed and fun with Blanca Romero and Sandra Gago, Feliciano López’s young model wife.