The CPE continues “working together” with RTVE and CSD for the broadcast of the Paralympic Games in Spain


The Spanish Paralympic Committee (CPE) assured this Saturday that it continues to “work together” with RTVE and the Higher Sports Council (CSD) so that the Paris Games can be seen on the public channel and regretted “the abusive and disproportionate offer ” of the company that holds the rights and that “is impossible for RTVE to assume.”

“The CPE, RTVE and the CSD continue to work together to achieve a solution that allows the Paris Paralympic Games to be broadcast on public television, as has been happening since the Sydney Games, with excellent audience and quality results. emissions,” the CPE said this Saturday in a statement.

The organization indicated that this Friday there was “an important meeting at the highest level” between the three parties “where the abusive and disproportionate offer” that the company that holds the broadcasting rights of the Paralympic Games in Spain, ‘Enjoy Television’, was revealed. ‘, “has been put on the table.”

“An offer with an amount that exceeds by several thousand percent the amount that RTVE paid for the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games three years ago and that is impossible for RTVE to assume,” warned the committee, which considers that “in addition to be disproportionate due to its increase, has no precedent in any European country” and that “would make Spain the country that, by far, pays the most expensive TV rights in all of Europe for the Paralympic Games, which would produce a clear rupture of the audiovisual market in this segment”.

The CPE also recalled that it already tried “two years ago to directly acquire the broadcast rights” of this summer’s event in the French capital for Spain “at a reasonable price, but it was not possible” and made it clear that “it maintains its intention to continue “talking with the holder of the rights to, in the event of acquiring them, proceed to transfer them to the public entity.”

“The Committee chaired by Miguel Carballeda will continue in conversations with whoever is necessary, with the aim of defending the rights of the Paralympic family and so that society can enjoy and be excited by the maximum expression of elite sport for people with disabilities and the values that transmits. The CPE appreciates the commitment to intense and constant work of RTVE, the CSD and the Government so that the broadcast of the Paris Paralympic Games through public television becomes a reality,” he stated.

This Saturday, Spanish journalist Siro López confirmed that he will broadcast the Paris Paralympic Games through his ‘Twitch’ channel. “Happy to have the opportunity to cover such an important and successful event for our country,” said the Galician on his official ‘X’ account.