Israel’s Eurovision strategy comes to light: the government admits that it invested money to boost Eden Golan’s televote

The most controversial Eurovision final due to Israel’s participation in the musical contest ended with Nemo Mettler and his song The Code as undisputed winners of the night.

For its part, Hurricane (the song of Israel that he performed Eden Goldan) was the second with the most support in televoting, thus achieving 323 points. This Saturday, a week after the final controversy, the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed the existence of “a promotional campaign“organized by the country’s government portfolio.

We intervened among the public that sympathized with us to encourage televoting. We knew that in reality the situation is not as serious as it seems after the demonstrations in the streets of Europe, but we did not expect such great support“, said the leader on the Slovenian channel RTV.

Likewise, as reported by Slovenian public television, the Ministry invested a lot of money in this campaign and tasked its representatives in European countries with encouraging people to vote for Israel.