José María Almogueragrandson of Maria Teresa Campos and son of Carmen Borrego, has returned to work. After welcoming your child Marc, He has enjoyed with his wife, Paola Olmedo, of the six weeks of paternity leave that corresponded to him. The arrival of the baby last June caused a stir, as it was said that Borrego had found out about the birth of the little one through the press, something she later denied, alleging that she and her family “are a bunch.” Now, the family seems united and happy, something that allows José María to resume his work responsibilities with a smile.

The nephew of Terelu Campos He has been working since 2017 as a production assistant on Mediaset España programs. Specifically, she does it at Cuarzo Producciones, producer of programs like The island of temptations, Nocturnal animals o Live life. Today he is part of the team of This is life, space presented by Sandra Barneda and César Muñoz. According to reports The SpanishJosé María has already returned to his position.

In the space preceding TardeAR Almoguera coincides with above before, Alejandra Rubio, and Carmen Borrego, with whom he resolved his friction after distancing themselves last summer. In fact, this was confirmed at Marc’s baptism, an event that took place last November 11, and which was a joy for the family after the death of María Teresa Campos a few weeks ago.

His grandmother was a key piece in his life. So much so that she inspired him to train in the world of communication, in which he coincides, as has been mentioned, with other close relatives. José María completed an intermediate degree in Production at the CEV Higher School of Communicationin Madrid.