The return of Operación Triunfo this Monday by the hand of Chenoa It has been quite an event. We already know the contestants who will fight to win the format in the Prime Video version, the streaming platform. streaming that has opted to recover the legendary contest that 22 years ago had audiences above 40% on TVE and catapulted to fame Rosa López, David Bisbal, Bustamante and Chenoa herself, today converted into the program’s master of ceremonies.

Outside of the fierce battle for open audiences, we can say that on social networks the premiere has been warmly received by both the Argentine raised in Mallorca and the development of the space. Chenoa’s name along with the program’s official hashtag is gone trending topic on X, formerly Twitter.

At 48 years old, the artist and presenter was in charge of welcoming the members of the jury, the applicants and the spectators, not only the Spanish, since now the audience is spread across thirty countries.

The Brazilian singer-songwriter Anitta was the special guest of the gala, after traveling to Seville to be at the Latin Grammys. Chenoa spoke with the applicants (who opt for prize for the winner will be 100,000 euros) to explain how everything works before they performed their versions on stage. “Thirteen thousand people have shown up for the castings, no more, no less. It seems outrageous to me, and, of those thirteen thousand emotions, eighteen applicants have remained. Eighteen applicants chosen for their voice, for their charisma, for their way of being and because they have something,” he explained.

The director of the Academy, Noemí Galera, He gave direct passes to the singers who entered the house first. The rest were chosen during the broadcast, with two of the candidates being left out on the first night.

At ten at night, with 18 contestants beginning their dream, the first gala of this installment began, where the talent of those boys and girls who years ago were promising and today are consecrated figures, in some cases worldwide, was evoked. as David Bisbal or Aitana. “A new stage opens and a circle closes for me,” Chenoa told us with feelings on the surface after the swerve who gave her life after separating from the urologist Miguel Sánchez Encinas, to whom she is still formally married.

White jacket suit, Letizia’s ‘proposal’ model

For her premiere, Chenoa chose an elegant white jacket suit, a ‘proposal’ model for Letizia and Felipe, combined with purple sandals. On one of the lapels of her jacket, with black details, Chenoa had the number 89 embroidered with small silver crystals, the number she wore in the casting of the edition in which he participated in 2001. “From number 89 in the casting, to presenting Operación Triunfo 2023. Welcome back home!”

We saw an excited Chenoa, with a broken voice but without losing the smile that made her famous along with her loves and heartbreaks and her gray tracksuit: “Come back Triumph operation. Twenty-two years ago I stepped on this stage that changed my life. That’s why, OT, it was and is my family, it was and is my home, and you are my people,” he said. “We return renewed, but with the same formula, love for music, passion for classes and love for talent . Because the world, after all, has changed, music has evolved a lot, but a new generation is arriving with a great desire to fulfill their dreams.” She herself admitted to being “very nervous” and confessed that she had “tachycardia” before the premiere “My mouth is dry,” he repeated. “If you take my pulse, it goes in time with the clock,” he noted.

But despite that lump in her throat, Chenoa said that she returned with “maximum excitement” to this professional chapter, which comes just ten days after we revealed the end of her marriage (of just a year and a half) with Miguel Sánchez Encinas.