Richard Gere drools over his son at the Cannes Film Festival: kisses and knowing glances

Richard Gere has a clear favorite to pose at the 2024 Cannes festival. During this Friday night, the Hollywood star showed off her son Homer Jamesthe result of his marriage to his second wife, Carey Lowell. At the most international film festival, father and son gave each other several knowing glances and even the actor’s son kissed his mother on the cheek on the red carpet.

The father-son duo broke up when the Spanish Alejandra Silvia, Richard Gere’s third wife, joined the family picture. During the red carpet, the couple showed that their relationship is going from strength to strength, as they both posed hugging and smiling in front of the spotlight.

For the occasion, the interpretere Pretty Woman and his son chose the same look: a traditional and elegant black suit. Alejandra Silvia also opted for black for the gala, but she added a little color with the floral embroidery on her dress.

Uma Thurman She also posed with Richard Gere on the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival. The American actress presented along with Richard Oh CanadaPaul Schrader’s new film where Thurman and Gere star.