Ana María Aldón She surprised strangers on September 17 when she announced that she was marrying her boyfriend, Eladiothe Asturian with whom he has regained his hope in love after his high-profile ending with Jose Ortega Cano. The former fruit seller and her lover have been dating for only five months.

Gema Aldonthe designer’s daughter, sat down this Thursday on Telecinco to give her opinion on the matter: “It’s very soon, I’m not saying that he is a bad person, I’m just saying that it’s very soon.”

The young woman does not forget her mother’s previous experiences, so she does not want her to go through the same thing this time: “I don’t want her to make the same mistakes again. It is her third wedding.” It must be remembered that Ana María remarried Ortega Cano. She was previously married to Manuel, manager of a Cadiz store.

Gema has also talked about the moment when her mother told her about her wedding plans with Eladio: “She called me to tell me. I was so surprised that I couldn’t say anything to her. I was shocked knowing what had happened in her previous marriages. “I advised him to wait.”

On the other hand, he explained that some statements from his mother in Fiesta: “I am very hurt by the statements he made on his program. It hurt me a lot. He said he didn’t care if I was a prostitute or not.” Gema opened an account on Only Fans, a famous platform where users pay to see exclusive content, mostly erotic or sexually explicit content. This did not please her mother too much.

Despite everything she has said, Ana María’s daughter has ended up saying that there is no bad feeling with her mother: “I love my mother and support her.”

A few days ago, Gema also spoke out on the matter with some forceful words: “My mother is making a mistake. I haven’t congratulated her and I’m going to tell her not to get married. I’m already tired of putting up with stepbrothers and stepsisters,” she said in Socialite.