One year and three months after the leak of the sex tape of Santi Millan with another woman who was not his wife, the presenter of Got Talent has spoken out again on the matter. He has spoken about the judicial process and also about what hurt him the most after the video was released.

“In the end, what hurt me the most was the exposure, especially from the other person and the family environment. They have to eat something that they neither prick nor cut and they don’t have to,” he said in a interview in The vanguard.

On the other hand, he has assured that he is not hurt by certain comments that surfaced about it at the time: “That it came out in jokes, that people commented on it, I understand it; there were even things that I really found very clever and that made me very funny. And that In the end, it is healthy to be able to make humor out of things. When you can make humor out of something, it is usually because you are fine, it is about things that you have overcome: when your wound is closed, they can make jokes about it. If it is open, everything that “Say, it’s going to hurt. The humor seems correct and healthy to me.”

However, he points out that there are certain red lines that cannot be crossed: “The problem is when we enter into value judgments without knowing the reality, the why, the how much, the… They do not know anything and value from their personal situation. without knowing which is the other. So I think that’s the mistake, blaming, accusing or pointing. I think that’s where we should be a little more cautious.”

At that time, the spotlight was put on Rosa Olucha, his wife and the mother of his two teenage children. The director and television producer came out in defense of her husband: “To all of you who ask me ‘How are you’ or tell me things like ‘I’m sorry, you have my full support’, I tell you… First of all, I’m fine. “You should ask yourself how he is. He is the one who has suffered an attack on his privacy, which, by the way, is a crime. His privacy. His and no one else’s.”

Then, Olucha hinted that they maintain an open relationship: “It makes me very lazy to see that, at this point, consensual and private sex continues to cause scandals. Yes, gentlemen, people fuck! Inside and outside the couple… “It almost makes me lazier that, when it is made public, the majority takes pity on women with the classic ‘poor thing, she didn’t realize’ or ‘what an idiot who allowed it’. Shit from a Catholic and patriarchal society.”

About the judicial process

The actor of Pepe’s beach bar He has also spoken about the judicial news regarding the case: “We are still working on it, justice is going slowly. The people who leaked it have already been located, especially the person who published it on networks, but now there is the exercise of “Twitter grants permission to identify you personally. It’s a long process, but hey, I’m not in a hurry either.”