The CA Osasuna coach, Jagoba Arrasate, regretted not having “any explanation” for the goal disallowed for his team this Thursday against Atlético de Madrid, nor for his subsequent expulsion after that play that marked the 0-2 at El Sadar, without power speak one’s mind.

“We made a mistake, with half a chance they scored a goal, and when we were at our best, in the second half, we were not successful. When we were successful, they did not validate it, there are many things against us with the 0-0 2. We didn’t play a game to lose, we played a great second half,” he said.

The local coach bit his tongue at a press conference for fear of a major sanction, but showed his anger at Martínez Munuera’s decisions, especially the goal disallowed for David García due to a foul by Aimar Oroz, when the local player had been pushed by a rival. “No explanation. They push Aimar and he touches him a little with his hand. I have to measure my words a lot, I’m going to miss two games for not saying anything. If I say what I think, I would love to, but we can’t, they have taken away from us. freedom of expression too. It is a very clear legal goal,” he stated.

“I told him ‘it’s nothing’ with my hands in my pockets, the lineman went to the referee and told him to send me off,” he added. Arrasate did not want to link the alleged statements by Atlético’s CEO, Miguel Ángel Gil Marín, speaking about Madrid and the referees, with what happened.

“If I say what I think, I’ll tell you later. There have been protests, a president who has spoken and then if this happens, some may think more, that’s what the League has, those things are allowed. I can’t respond,” he pointed out.

Furthermore, the ‘rojillo’ coach explained that he did not see the red for Chimy Ávila because he got into the shower, and he regretted that his team was left without a prize. “We started with a lot of respect. The goal took away our confidence. The second half went differently. I feel helpless because of that feeling, the pain of losing at home. We have to recover quickly and compete on Sunday,” he concluded.