Countdown to the signing of the divorce between the former Dukes of Palma. A year and a half after announcing their separation, the Infanta Cristina e Iñaki Urdangarin have managed to reach a satisfactory agreement on the distribution of goods and other necessities, such as a pension for him (the 25,000 euros that were initially requested have finally ended up at 5,000 per month) and a Confidentiality clause who protects her and the rest of the royal family.

The divorce will be signed in Barcelona in the coming weeks, the same place where they got married and where marriage agreements are unimportant, since the separation of property prevails, according to the law. The financial needs of her four children (Juan, Pablo, Miguel and Irene, all of legal age) will be covered by the infanta, although their studies will be paid for by her father, the emeritus, as he has done until now with all his grandchildren. , also the Marichalar.

The only property they share today is Bidart’s house (the rest were sold after the Noos chaos scandal). A few days ago it was published that Iñaki would keep it but the new information, revealed this Thursday in And now Sonsolesthey suggest that they will share it 50/50, since Infanta Cristina is very close to the Urdangarin family and does not want to stop visiting them.

Iñaki, who lives in Vitoria with his mother, You will receive a monthly payment of 5,000 euros on the part of his ex-wife, since now he can barely support himself with the minimum vital income of 463 euros that he receives as a prisoner’s allowance on release. Furthermore, as stated in the aforementioned program, Ainhoa ​​Armentia has been left out of the negotiation: There are no clauses that prohibit meetings between the bride and the children, nor would the conditions of the divorce change in the event that Iñaki marries again.