The coach of Atlético de Madrid, Diego Pablo Simeone, stressed that his team came from “a very great effort” in the derby against Real Madrid that paid especially in the second half against Osasuna, while he understands that Miguel Ángel’s words Gil Marín, CEO of the club, regarding the influence of Real Madrid in arbitrations, emphasizes that “criticism towards a referee is a warning for the later one.”

“We came from a very great effort and we knew that it was going to be a very tough match against an opponent who always generates vertigo and danger, and who always makes you defend yourself in the last stretch of the match,” analyzed Simeone in the subsequent press conference. to the match.

The Argentine recalled that “it was also difficult for FC Barcelona” and warned that they played “a good game in the first half.” “In the second we didn’t come back from behind, I think fatigue played a role and that invited Osasuna to a good second half. Then came the counterattack we needed and for that we brought out Riquelme,” he stated.

The Colchonero coach gave his opinion on the disallowed goal against David García and pointed out that “the image seen on television shows a blow by Budimir with his hand on Witsel’s face.” “I imagine the referee interpreted it as a foul,” he concluded.

He also did not want to regret the expulsion of Álvaro Morata, which further reduces his options in a squad already with casualties, now up front where neither the Madrid native nor the injured Memphis Depay and Ángel Correa will be against Cádiz. “We are not going to enter the field with 10, we will surely find resources within the team to play a good game against Cádiz,” he stressed, describing Rodrigo Riquelme’s offer to play there as a “good proposal.”

Finally, Simeone referred to the words of Miguel Ángel Gil Marín about the pressure that Real Madrid exerts on the referees and that they adulterated the competition. “I understand that Miguel expressed what many times they do not want to comment on and from that I understand that the criticism towards the match referee is a warning to the subsequent referee, and in those words he could feel what he said,” he said.