The journalist was Antena 3’s surprise signing last season and has now become Antena 3’s main rival. Ana Rosa Quintana In the evenings. An arduous task that he spoke about this Thursday in The Anthill: “At 8 in the morning I have my eye open to see the hearings, it is a constant trial to drive you crazy”.

Sonsoles Onega has explained that getting the public’s attention in the afternoons is more complicated (“the news is already given in the morning, you don’t know if you are competing with a series, with football…) and that His latest hobby is doing a handstand before going on set.: “I have always done it but with age my manias become more accentuated and I relate it to things, now the handstand with the audiences. If they are bad, I do the handstand to shake off the bad energy and I go down to the set.” And he added: “Today I stood up because some idiot told me something… And that’s not done!”

And, as she recognizes, Sonsoles has her own thing: “I speak with the beyond But they have told me to stop telling it because it seems that I am not developed, that I am a primary being. “I receive the energies of those who want to send them to me,” she said. “When Paulina Rubio told me that she was talking to Rocío Jurado, she sneaked it in, I thought she was one of me, but no. “That interview was great,” she recalled, laughing.

But beyond the stress of work and hearings, Sonsoles is happy. At 45 years old and divorced from the father of her children, Carlos Pardo, she has begun a relationship with a financier named Juan, as we previewed on this portal. With him she has found stability: “Now I don’t need to flirt anymore”, has said. “Before, if I wanted to meet a man or a boy, I had to go with my bangs, because with them I feel safe. Of course, if I take them off, no one will recognize me.”