The new lawyer Rafael Amargo, Ana Isabel Pena, has closed ranks and has not given up the line of defense that he will continue with his client. However, the lawyer has made it clear that her predecessor, Jaime Caballerohas left the dancer by his decision. Luciana Bongianinothe artist’s girlfriend, has also spoken about her situation.

Let us remember that Amargo has been in provisional prison, in Soto del Real, since November 3 after not having appeared to sign in court for an alleged crime related to drug trafficking. When Caballero presented his resignation from Amargo’s defense a few days ago, he said: “His only interest is knowing how much they are going to pay him for an exclusive.”

“It is uncertain – continued Ana Isabel Peña – no one has abandoned Rafa. The change of lawyer comes directly from Rafael Amargo. I do not want to give an opinion on how a colleague has handled his defense,” the lawyer said this Monday on Telecinco.

Regarding the artist’s condition, the lawyer has insisted that “he is well and focused”; and that he is “not at all” more concerned “about the exclusive that he is going to give upon his release from prison.” And she added: “He is worried because he is in jail and wants to get out. All the noise around the dancer has been produced by the previous defense.”

To all this, Amargo’s girlfriend has entered the scene, Luciana Bongianinowho has tried to calm the artist’s fans on their social networks, as echoed on Telecinco: “Don’t worry, Rafa is fine, they have put him in the assassins’ module… His mind is focused. Since Ana Isabel has taken the reins as a lawyer and friend, fasten your seatbelts because she will be out of there soon. Not even God will stop her. Amargo is innocent.” It must be remembered that she was also arrested at the end of 2020 along with the dancer and was provisionally released with precautionary measures. At the beginning of 2022 they withdrew the accusations against her.