LONDON, 20 Nov. (dpa/EP) –

The mayor of Liverpool has written to the Premier League to regret the “excessive” penalty of 10 points less imposed on Everton for breaching the English league’s financial rules.

An independent commission imposed the sanction on the ‘Toffees’ after it was discovered that the club had exceeded its allowed losses by 19.5 million pounds -22.2 million euros- over a three-year period, and the decision was announced last Friday.

The mayor of Liverpool, Steve Rotheram, wrote to the Premier’s chief executive, Richard Masters, to express his “deep concern” about the sanction. “The decision to deduct 10 points from Everton is excessive taking into account the club’s willingness and proactivity in collaborating with the Premier League to ensure that all operations complied with the FFP when it was clear that they were close to breaking the rules” Rotheram wrote.

“There are a number of mitigating factors in Everton’s transgression in relation to debt ceilings which are, in effect, geopolitical and therefore outside their control. As many have pointed out, the punishment imposed seems harsh for the position in question and sets a new precedent. When compared to the sanctions imposed on other clubs for financial violations, it surpasses previous penalties,” he added.

Thus, he recalled that when Portsmouth went into suspension of payments in 2010, “only a nine-point penalty was imposed.” “For falling into mismanagement for the second time in three years, in 2012, they faced a 10-point deduction. The suggestion that Everton’s actions are somehow more egregious is frankly ridiculous,” he noted.

“I fully support the club’s appeal and would urge it to take a more balanced approach and consider alternative forms of punishment that do not unfairly penalize the club’s players and fans. As a founding member of both the Football League and the Premier League, Everton “It’s an important part of the fabric of English football. They deserve to be treated with respect,” he continued.

The club indicated that it would appeal the sanction, and the appeal process is expected to conclude during the course of this season. Everton could also now face compensation claims over the case, although no club has so far made public comments to indicate their intention to claim.