Ana Obregon is celebrating. This Monday, the presenter published a photographic report with Ana Sandra for her eight months of life. And, as she usually does on this social network, she took the opportunity to write a few words to the little girl and, of course, to her son Aless. Incidentally, she has also once again justified the reason for the baby’s birth, that she will live “surrounded by love.”

“Today we both turned eight months old. Congratulations Anita, your dad and your great-grandparents will celebrate from heaven. Thank you my Aless for asking me to bring your daughter into the world, what a great proof of love for your mother”, he advanced in his post.

“So, when I’m gone, your blood and a little piece of you will continue in the world, as you wanted. Anita will live surrounded by the love of her eleven uncles and cousins. And you will continue to be eternal because you will live in his heart,” he noted, ensuring that both his son and his granddaughter are the “loves” of his life.

Obregón’s words are one more sign of the pride he feels for the birth of the little girl, who in the images appears dressed in a red sweater, a plaid skirt and stockings of the same color as the sweater. The biologist has combined her clothes with the baby’s.

The presenter does not regret having made the “last wish” come true that, according to her, Aless Lequio asked her before she died three years ago. A version that has never been confirmed by Alessandro Lequio. The girl was born through surrogacy on March 20 in Miami, where this technique is legal, unlike in Spain.

A few weeks ago, the actress defended her “right” to be a “mother.” “If I decide to have children… I can’t now, but “I have the right to have any children I want.”, he pointed out in a controversial interview on TV3. For the presenter, the option to “adopt” was not valid. “It’s not your blood,” she pointed out.

“It is the most wonderful thing in the world. Right now I have achieved a miracle, fulfill my son’s last wish. It’s not a whim. It’s not that I like him. Is surrogacy not legal in Spain? I don’t care, in Spain everything will soon be prohibited, we accept everything,” he stated.

For its part, Alessandro Lequio He prefers not to comment on this matter. Obregón assured that the baby was “looking forward” to meeting him, and he answered, emphatically, on television: “I am an educated person. From the outset I respect her because she is the mother of my son and I feel affection. For a matter of mental image I have decided not to speak. I am incapable of spending all day bringing up this topic and that is why I remain silent. Of course, it must be said that a seven-month-old baby “He doesn’t have the capacity to want to meet someone.”