What if Pedro Sánchez and Begoña were multimillionaires? In the United Kingdom it happens: the Sunaks are getting richer and richer

Sunak and Murty They are the richest to have entered 10 Downing Street. It says The Sunday Times, which this Sunday presents the list of the richest Britons of the year. Since coming to power, the prime minister and his wife They have increased their wealth by 23%, going from the 529 million pounds that were calculated last year to the 651 million pounds (760 million euros) that they currently manage. And politics, although some insist on denying it, is very profitable: Pedro Sánchez and Begoña Gómez They have also expanded their assets.

The Spanish president and his wife do not (as far as we know) manage the amounts of their British counterparts but they have also prospered financially and professionally since arriving in Moncloa. According to the transparency portal, Pedro Sánchez (who pockets 87,814.80 euros per year for his position, 360.57 euros in dividends and 12,485 euros for leases) declared 19,208.79 euros in two current accounts, a pension plan of 105,378.10 euros and a contribution of 81,449.20 euros to an investment fund. He also owns a home and a garage that he rents, in addition to 50% of another home and its corresponding garage. He completes his list of assets with shares worth 5,104 euros. In these six years, he has paid off his mortgage, opened an investment fund and increased his pension plan.

Begoña is not doing bad either. In 2018, when she arrived at Moncloa, she left her position as consulting director at the Inmark Group to join the Instituto de Empresa, where she directs the IE Africa Center. In 2020, she was appointed director of the Chair for Competitive Social Transformation at the Complutense University, for which she had already taught numerous courses. She shares ownership of two homes with her husband and three others with her brother and her father, owner of several gyms with saunas and bars.

The Sunaks, on the list of wealthy Britons

The figures that reflect the accounts of the British Prime Minister and his wife are more dizzying. The couple occupies position 245 on the list of the wealthiest Englishmen. According to The Sunday Times, thanks to the ‘first lady”s participation in Infosys, the Indian IT company co-founded by her father. The value of her shares rose by almost £110 million to £590 million.

For his part, the minister earned 2.2 million pounds in the 2022-2023 financial year, the last with data. This amount is 60 times higher than the average salary in the United Kingdom. The bulk of his wealth is not due to his public salary but to earnings from his investments: according to The GuardianSunak has four real estate properties spread around the world and whose value exceeds 17 million euros.

Criticism for his fortune

The assets of political leaders are always looked at with a magnifying glass and draw numerous criticisms. In Sunak’s case, it could even cost him re-election, since his appearances in 500-euro Prada loafers, 3,000-euro suits and even 200-euro teacups have raised blisters.

The image of the Spanish leaders is much more discreet and they do not boast beyond their well-known preference for using the presidential Falcon in each of their trips, both institutional and personal: vacations to official residences, music festivals, family weddings. .. A decision (to change the car for the private plane) that has been highly criticized. Nothing strange considering that the cost of the famous Falcon amounts to 6,000 euros per hour.