Ortega Cano called Ana María Aldón to sing her the forty: “Stop talking about me”

The last statements of the former fruit bowl on the program Fiesta have made her ex-husband very angry, who after sending a live message to Beatriz Cortázar to express his discomfort, called Ana Maria Aldon to dot the i’s: “Stop talking about me,” he told her Ortega Cano.

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According to Antonio Rossi, the former couple had a major fight: “He contacts her at the end of the program and reproaches her for telling a story that she did not live like that, she does not believe that she should be so unfair to her family and the”. And he adds: “It bothered him a lot that he pointed to her family and said she is looking forward to the story ending now, to stop talking about him and for Ana María to go to her new house.”

Ortega Cano has already turned the page. He has assumed that his marriage is a thing of the past and has taken refuge in his friends to forget the sadness of the moment. He has also expressed her last wish to them: “He already expresses clearly and openly to her circle that he wants her to disappear from her life,” Rossi pointed out.

Ana María: “Let them wait for me to finish”

Aldón assured last Sunday in the program in which she collaborates, Fiesta, that she had felt very alone after giving birth to little José María, with her husband in prison: “It was horrible.” Then, Ortega Cano sent a message to Cortázar: “He does not agree at all, José assures that the loneliness that you have described did not exist, that Aniceto and the person who helped you at home were with you, and that the aparthotel in the that you were with your children was very dignified”.

The designer, far from being intimidated, replied: “My still husband is going to wait for me to finish speaking, because I am already getting very tired of not having the right to anything, of not having the right to talk about my own life, just like He has reacted now to what he has heard, he could also have reacted to other things that have been said and he has not even flinched. I am very quemaíta “.