Carlos ‘El Yoyas’, a fugitive from justice, stars in a serious altercation in a bar and flees

The Mossos close the circle around the possible whereabouts of the former big brother, who should have entered prison on November 14 after being sentenced by the Supreme Court, in a final sentence, to five years and eight months in prison for seven crimes of mistreatment against his ex-wife, Fayna Bethencourtand their two children. Carlos El Yoyas He is hiding in the same area where his parents live, where he has been involved in an altercation in a nearby bar.

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This has been communicated by those present to the authorities, who are already investigating what happened. Witnesses affirm that Carlos Navarro was in the bar and had a run-in with another person. The situation turned violent and the owner notified the police, so El Yoyas ran to a nearby train station.

According to reporter David Aleman, the Mossos already have a pretty good idea of ​​where Navarro is hiding these weeks. It is a small town in Catalonia, the same one where his parents live, in whose house Carlos’s car and also his dog, Gringo, have been located.

The closest family of El Yoyas is going through very difficult days. Nerves and stress are taking their toll and this Wednesday, the Catalan’s father rebuked the journalists who worked in the area: “He has recorded us with his mobile, he has insulted us, shouted and threatened”, They have said. Other relatives, however, believe that this situation is unsustainable: “If you have to go to prison, better today than tomorrow, because all this time is against you.”