The new season for NFL is in progress, and there have been a few changes in the upcoming season. However, the new rule appears to have confused the coaches, and there have been many instances where coaches of a few prominent teams have been working through the concept still.

Jay Gruden, one of the coaches in the NFL season for Washington, was obviously confused on how to deal with the pass interference call. He tried to challenge flag two times and lost both. And even had a timeout. “Still trying to get a feel for it,” he claimed still trying to come to terms with the new changes.

The NFL regular season is kicking off today, and he is not the only coach who appears to have been confused. According to the new rules, the pass interference calls will now be subject to coaches challenges and video reviews. The coaches at the NFL have attempted to make use of the entire preseason to get used with the new rule.

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Broncos general manager John Elway feels that it is all about getting used to the new concept. He does not find anything wrong with the plan and change in the rule. However, the coaches need to get used to the concept and get rid of the bad calls.

The new changes have been brought ahead to prevent the missed calls – the ones like that happened during the 2018 NFC Championship game. Quite good the change may be, it has been presenting a few challenges. We and the coaches have been looking ahead to find the situation to improve as the season proceeds.