“Open the safe or I’ll take the girl and kill her”: María del Monte’s horrifying statement before the judge

It’s been eight months since Maria del Monte And his wife, Immaculate Casal, lived one of the worst episodes of their lives: five hooded men entered their house at dawn and attacked them to steal loot close to a million euros. A nightmare that they are reliving these days following the arrest of the suspects, including his own nephew, Antonio Tejado. A night of terror and anguish that the singer and his wife recounted in detail before the judge, some images that came to light this Friday: “You have three minutes to open the safe or I’ll take the girl and kill her.”

The material, issued by Friday, includes the statement of the two victims at the oral hearing: “Around four-thirty a noise occurs that I do not hear, but it wakes me up to see Inmaculada trying to get a person out of the bedroom,” María del Monte begins. The singer claims that she identifies about five people: “Although I notice that there is a rough accent, they are Spanish, Andalusian, but with a rough way of speaking, except for one who I describe as having a Russian accent”. For her part, Inmaculada told the judge that she woke up to “a big noise, boom! Like a bookshelf was falling.” I saw a man with a hooded face, dressed all in black. I said ‘what are you doing?’ I thought it was the GEOS and that something had happened. I saw that he picked up my daughter and I said ‘but what are you doing?’ She laid me down on the bed and she told me ‘this is a robbery, stay there.’ She put the pillow on top of my head and starts putting pressure on me and hitting me.”

The images of María del Monte and Inmaculada recounting their nightmare are truly chilling: “I feel like my heart is going to burst out of my chest, I feel panic, very afraid”says the singer. “They bury my head against the pillow”, says his wife, who heard the thieves interact with her daughter. “Are you okay? She asked her. And she asked me, ‘Mom, are you okay?’ They shouted ‘I’m going to grab the girl and take her, I’m going to kill her.’ At that moment, María felt like she was dying: “I was already panicking when I heard that… I asked one of them if they could give me a glass of water because I don’t feel well.”

The thieves took Inmaculada’s daughter to the dressing room, where the safe was hidden, and asked her to open it. “They shouted ‘This little girl has blocked her,'” María recalls. “I get up, I don’t even know how, and I go there to open the box. And that’s when someone tells me with a Russian accent: ‘You have three minutes to open the box or I’ll kill the girl.’ Because of my nerves, I couldn’t open it.” and I ask them to come out so I can calm down and open it. They take everything and the house is silent. I ask, ‘Are they gone?’ They say, ‘Yes, it seems so.’ front door”.

María del Monte also revealed that the thieves did not hesitate: “There was nothing mixed up, they were direct, they knew perfectly the layout of the house. I left an envelope with 1,500 euros that I brought from a trip and it was still there, on the table.”