Iñaki Urdangarin wants to be like Agustín Pantoja: an analysis of the covers of the social chronicle

As a divorced man with no pending convictions. The new Iñaki Urdangarin looks out on the cover of Week to act anonymously or at least to try to. It turns out that the ex-husband of the Infanta Cristinathe “hard-core duke” as he signed his emails, met some reporters while walking through Vitoria and in a very good manner and as a friend he asked them to please, that’s it, that he is no longer related to the royal, who wants to enjoy his quiet life and his children and be left alone.

Urdangarin has not only divorced Cristina, but he intends to divorce himself from public opinion, from the people, from the cameras, from the media, ultimately. In the purest style Agustín Pantoja claims his anonymity And today he doesn’t want to hear about his former in-laws or anyone who reminds him of his years as son-in-law of the emeritus king. Well, he’s going to have a hard time getting it. But if Pantoja’s brother has a ruling that he defends his anonymity when it comes to winning lawsuits, then what do they want me to tell them. Even though Urdangarin also becomes a citizen, he simply looks for a job without using the last name Borbón.

Cristina Blanco

But it freaks me out Weekand not only because of ‘the Urdangarin thing’ but, above all, for putting on the cover a memory of the past, the psychic Cristina BlancoToday, another anonymous woman who lives in a residence on the outskirts of Madrid and who is presented with “Her first images after amputating a leg.” Wow, the headline makes me crazy. But that’s what there is. I remember Cristina back in the 90s when she came to María Teresa Campos’ program and she was quite a character. The best thing was not her public appearances, no, the best thing was how almost all the ones that appeared on TV later met with her so that she could predict her future.

Some even asked him for ‘not very clean little jobs’ that were normally to make them fall in love or advance their careers. Even Federico Jiménez Losantos talks about Cristina in one of his books when she remembers that she was ‘the witch of COPE’ and she pulled the strings of many powerful people. I won’t say her name so as not to do a job, but I remember a colleague who gave her one of those little jobs that consisted of freezing someone and then that someone found out about that assignment. Needless to say, they got into a big mess, but it didn’t go beyond the hard core because no one wanted to confess what they did in their free hours.

I was always fascinated by something about Cristina Blanco. She had one of those enveloping looks and a gift of words that cajoled. But I liked her. Then I knew that his son, the actor Miguel Ángel Muñoz, He had asked her to withdraw from the gossip press so as not to taint her artistic career and she was generous and very kind and protected him. She had a series of serious problems, but her son was always there to cover up and avoid more scandals. Today she lives retired in that residence and I am pleased to see that despite her illness she is still as flirtatious as she was years ago. She loved jewelry, clothes, and in that I see that she has not been careless.

Paloma Cuevas and Luis Miguel

I knew that Paloma Cuevas had decided to spend his 54th birthday Luis Miguel at his side in Las Vegas and this week Hola It puts images of what I announced on the Sonsoles program. The cover couldn’t be more perfect. Paloma and Luis Miguel, both in profile, both in full dress, both repeating models, and both with teeth and skin that are glorious to see. Obviously this is not a theft but a full-fledged posing and a gift to a magazine that has always taken care of them. It is already known that it is a good thing to be born to be grateful and both Paloma and Luis Miguel have agreed to share their sweetest and most tender image. I admit that I love them. I’m like that, I make it easy with the people I like and especially with the people who make themselves loved. And they, especially Paloma, are. Now the couple’s followers and detractors get involved in networks with stories, like if the two have repeated clothes, if the photo is not from that day, if it is… nonsense and the desire to entangle and move the hornet’s nest. Luis Miguel looks at me with the eyes that Paloma looks with and I pass through all the comments through the triumphal arch. That is love, the good kind, the kind of a lifetime, and not falling in love as an excuse to avoid work that the Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez proclaims in that letter that still has us all hallucinating. He says he’s going to think about it, he doesn’t know if it’s worth it. And that he is in love.

Daniel Sancho and Silvia Bronchalo

Well, if you want to think about making a Silvia Bronchalo and go to meditate before the great Buddha of Koh Samui in Thailand. I confess that the judgment of Daniel Sancho It keeps me in suspense, but even more so are their parents and the wars they bring. I don’t quite understand the thing about Rodolfo Sancho. I don’t know what it feels like when you find out that your son has dismembered a man, but it seems to me that the smiles and the way he addresses the media is anything but affectionate or humble. Rodolfo still protects himself with that mask but it is inconceivable to me that anyone could empathize with his actions. In that I almost understand her ex-wife more when I see her around Buddhist temples wrapped in sarongs and even carrying offerings. I don’t think either of us is right in the head right now, and I understand that, but there are ways and ways.

Carmen Borrego’s son

What there is in Ten minutes It is an exclusive from Carmen Borrego’s son, José María Almoguera, with her baby in her arms and a headline that says it all: “She moves to a rental apartment.” Well, whoever doubted that he was separating from his wife, Paola, now he is left without arguments. At least this week, José María does not speak, he simply carries furniture and his child in his arms. I admit that I really like this guy. I have met many times on television programs where he was in charge of production and I cannot criticize absolutely anything about his attitude. To begin with, because he is the only one of the Fields who does not act as such. It took me months to find out that the person who brought me the collaboration contracts or was in charge of other program issues was María Teresa’s grandson. He was discretion personified. When I found out, I told him how he hadn’t told me anything over the years that I had worked with his grandmother and he just smiled. It’s just the opposite of what happens in that family. At least that’s how it was until he sold out his wedding and their breakup.

Obviously, here no one gives anything away and it goes without saying that there is an economic purpose, but you cannot ask for pears from the elm either and if the boy has grown up seeing how in that family who most and who least sold their privacy, well when the need is urgent In the end he has done what he has seen at home. No more no less. But I still like him.

Julián Contreras Jr.

It also happens to me with Julian Contreras Jr.. No matter how much they mess with him. He awakens a tenderness in me that I don’t quite understand, especially now that he’s already a big man who writes erotic novels that make you hyperventilate. I don’t see him in the magazines but it won’t be long because he has just moved to Córdoba in his new life and he is very excited. He told me that the other day we were talking because I called him to encourage him to sign up for a festival in Morocco. Julián spent his childhood there with his mother Carmina Ordóñez and his father and has not returned since. It is something that he has not yet overcome and there has been no shortage of offers. She has those years totally idealized and does not want to erase those images. With everything that has happened since I understand it perfectly.

Taylor Swift

What I don’t quite understand is the cover of Readings this week betting on the singer Taylor Swift. For me, something that they had prepared failed and they had to resort to an international. I don’t see it on a cover of the heart and even less on Readings, where they always go for the national product. In exchange I get the exclusive of Silvia Tortosa when recovering one of her last public appearances, where she already said that she had separated from her husband, Carlos Canovas, and that he was free. His testimony will surely cover many mouths and the first is that of Carlos himself, who continues to say that he is the widower and does not go away from there. It doesn’t matter that he lives with another woman, that Silvia kicked him out of the house after finding out about her infidelity and that she didn’t even leave him a souvenir photo in her will. The Catalan actress has preferred to divide her inheritance into four lots without Carlos getting caught. But nothing. He keeps saying that he is the widower, and there are still some who believe him. Well, you should know that Silvia made sure that she did not receive a single apartment or a single euro of those that she had saved like the good little ant that she was. A woman who changes her will nine times is a woman who knows perfectly well what she wants and does not want. And she no longer wanted to see the one she was widowed, not even in painting.