That must be a huge shocking news for the football fans. Andrew Luck, who has been a popular quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts has decided to retire from the NFL. He made the announcement on Saturday night.

Colts lost the game against the Bears on Saturday by 27–17, and soon after the match, Luck announced the decision to the media. However, he did not play in that match. He went emotional a lot of times all through the press conference and claimed that it was because of the “taken the joy of this game away ” that he had to take the decision to retire.

It would be important to notice that he is just 29 and it is quite a difficult decision that he had to take. However, sadly enough, Andrew Luck has suffered several serious injuries throughout the career that he has been through so far.

It should be noticed that he missed over nine games in the 2015 season and he missed the entire season in 2017. He has been facing a severe ankle injury and did not appear in any of the preseason games in this season as well.

Luck made it clear that he had taken the decision of retiring more than a week ago. He realised that his ankle injury was not improving and he did not want to go through a vicious cycle of injuries and rehabilitation.

Like he put it plainly, “The lack of progress just builds up, and you turn the corner and run into another stumbling block”.