NFL Season 2019 to Kick Off With Packers & Bears

The schedule for the 100th season of the NFL has been finally drawn. The first match that will take place will involve the Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears. In fact, the two teams have long-time arch-rival. It wouldn’t have been a better combination than this kick off this year’s NFL season.

In fact, so far the most recent super bowl champion was the one to kick off the series. However, this time NFL seems to have taken a different route and decided to give a rousing start to the series. The super bowl event will be taking place on upcoming Sunday when the New England Patriots will take on the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Most of the teams will begin their 2019 season on Sunday or Monday.

So, who are the worst teams? There is a likelihood of a clash between two teams for that “esteemed position”. The two teams that ay fight between themselves would include AFC’s Miami Dolphins and Cincinnati Bengals.

And no, let us come to the new rules – the Pass interference, whether they are used for offensive and defensive, will now be reviewable. The review windows would be the first 28 minutes by the coach intervention (in either half), final two minutes at central replay’s initiation and in the overtime.

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Here are the important games from our point of view. However, please note that future factors can change the balance in favour of the other games that do not feature here.

Week 1, Thursday night, Packers at Bears

Week 2, Sunday afternoon, Saints at Rams

Week 8, Sunday night, Packers at Chiefs

Week 14, Sunday afternoon, Chiefs at Patriots

Week 14, Sunday night, Seahawks at Rams

That was perhaps one of the best resources for the upcoming NFL schedule. You can check the complete schedule here