Australian Sporting history has been quite strange and is set to make history this week. Four of the Australian players are set to join the pre-season NFL. These include two of the Rugby converts, namely Valentine Holmes and Jordan Mailata.

The Cronulla NRL star Holmes and Mornington Peninsula-raised punter Lachlan Edwards will be playing for the New York Jets. The first playoff for these two players would be held at New Jersey’s MetLife Stadium against the Philadelphia Eagles.

Mailata and Geelong-born punter Cameron Johnston are playing for Eagles. Of course, the four compatriot players will be playing against one another. The historic event, as Holmes calls it, would hopefully be the inspiring moment for the Australians to work towards the concept of NFL and embark on joining the teams on NFL.

To use his words, “It shows Australians can do stuff like this as well and hopefully it can open some gates for younger guys and the generations coming through.” The New York Jets and Philadelphia Eagles would be the last pre seasons match for both the teams before the NFL regular season kicks in.

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It is expected that the teams will rest their elite players to avoid the injuries in the regular season. This can be exciting news for the players – Holmes, Edwards, and Mailata. The NFL teams are set to slash the roster and the regular team roster is set to change to 53 from the current 90. The NFL teams are expected to give their 53 names roster by Sunday.