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Copa del Rey basketball: Jaycee Carroll's farewell scent exhibit: “You have to see it”

Gabby Barker





The escort, who was already the protagonist in the first title of Laso, martyred to Unicaja. The fans shouted, stay! and his wife revives the rumors of his withdrawal

Carroll, during the Cup final.

Jaycee stay, Jaycee stay!. Minutes after Felipe Reyes raised the Cup to the sky of Carpena – now is when you realize what it is worth the sacrifice you have made your entire career – while the protagonists celebrated with their families and the little ones played with the confetti gilded over the park, the unanimous cry broke the silence, now without a charanga. Real Madrid fans who resist at the top of the stands had a primary mission, to recognize the work of one of their referents, of the type that was already hero for eight years in that Initiative Cup of Sant Jordi (22 points then). Carroll had once again challenged time. Way of 37 years, nobody could stop him.

He left with 20 this time, in just 22 minutes (four triples), and he only needed to blow his smoking revolver. As one who fulfills what he has been doing for years and years, pure routine. And with the bittersweet sensation in the environment that could be one of his last great nights with Real Madrid. Neither officially pronounced on his future nor planned to do so. But when on Sunday, in full euphoria, he was asked whether to continue wearing a white dress for another year (ends contract), accompanied by his wife on the track, Baylee's answer opened up a little more unknowns: You have to see him, she said after declaring her love for Madrid and before her husband's face.

Rumors have been around for a while. Although the pure logic of his DNI dictates that Carroll's career, Laso's first signing for 2011 from Gran Canaria, is pointing to its outcome. This Christmas, the club itself granted him an unusual vacation. In the middle of the season, Jaycee and his family – he has four children – left for his native Utah, where a house has been built. He missed a handful of games and when he returned, he only got two of the next 18 triples.

And yet, at the moment of truth … Carroll has been a starter in every game of the Copa del Rey, from less to more, 39 points in total, without fear of shooting as he never had (6 of 18 since the perimeter). We have total confidence in him, We want Jaycee to throw the last ball, because he is going to put it. We are all convinced. It is what he transmits to us with his work, with his day to day. And we know that he is human, one day he can be fined for not paying for parking, Pablo Laso valued at a press conference. We have been changing things during this time, but he has always known to be important to us. We value it, I sentenced.

Shortly before, Florentino Prez joked with Carroll when he received his triumphant players in the locker room:Jaycee, come here and give me a hug!. We have won a lot, but it is still very difficult, Laramie puts in value. It was the sixth Cup for an already historical type of the entity, which has won the 19 titles of the Laso era. Find a spare part for the sniper to be a mission as cruel as it is delicate.

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