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Madness in England: Florentino wants a Benzema-Agüero duo

Chris Lawrence



Florentine He has always been a big fan of the striker Manchester City, since he tried to sign him while he was in the Atlético de Madrid. The contract of Omen with the City It extends until 2021 and at 31 years of age I could be prepared to leave this summer given the prohibition to dispute the Champions League In two seasons. If it remained, the “10” would not play the Champions until 34.

Since England affirm that Florentine want to bring Omen to the Real Madrid for next season and associate it with Karim Benzema, convinced that the pair of strikers and veterans would be a great pair. With the sanction to Manchester City by UEFA that leaves two seasons without playing the Champions, European clubs are already preparing the machinery to undertake operations that they see as a market opportunity to sign players who are possibly open to a possible exit. (Agüero warns of those waiting for the City against Madrid)

De Bruyne, Bernardo Silva, Gabriel Jesús or Agüero
, are very desired players by other teams. The Madrid, has never hidden his desire to seize services of the Kun and this seems like an opportunity to incorporate it into their ranks. In this tie of Champions, Real Madrid and Manchester City they face a clash that could also serve as a meeting for whites to consider the possibility that managers Citizens Be willing to negotiate for the Argentine forward.

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