Her name is Marta, she is the latest addition to the singer’s love resume and she is not doing well at all. Not only because she thought she was the only one in life Bertin Osborne since 2017 (apart from Fabiola, his wife) but because she is anonymous and wants to remain that way. At least for now. “She is worried, she doesn’t want all this to affect her family and she has asked Bertín to stop this madness.”they say.

From YAS provide new information about her and also deny others that have been published these days: “She has read in other media that she was dedicated to the world of jewelry and it is not true. As we have explained, she has a degree, she has a professional career that has little to do with jewelry or the world of music or the media,” explained Lorena Vázquez. “She is worried because she is very nervous about the fact that she might find out who she is, where she works, who her relatives are… she is worried that details of her personal life will be revealed. She “He has a stable partner, let’s leave it at that.”

The one who has taken a step further is Paloma García Pelayo by revealing that she is married: “Bertín is a very good friend of her husband and they have told me that they have been able to see them together many times. Bertín and this person have spoken these days because what she asks him is to stop this madness, that is the expression that is used, and that no further information be given that could compromise his family.” And he added: “She feels overwhelmed and harassed.”

The singer insists that he has not had any romantic relationship with this woman and responded to her request this Monday: “He will take the appropriate legal measures and this afternoon a burofax is on the way to ask for respect for this person. He is overwhelmed.”