Torres or Simeone? The fans are clear who is right

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Atlético de Madrid
He is very passionate and very much about the players and coaches who showed their affection and love for the club. For this reason, this question has hurt especially, because it is a bit like when you are asked who you love more, your father or your mother.

The two are idols but their relationship was not the best in the last stage. We refer to Diego Pablo Simeone already Fernando Torres. The matter of leaving Boy, the disagreement that he seems to have had with the Argentine coach, has returned to the fore today on account of the words of the Madrilenian in the documentary “The last symbol.”

In it, the Fuenlabreño confirmed that there was a certain disagreement with the Argentine coach Diego Simeone during his second stage in the Atlético de Madrid , of which he expressed that he does not know “if it was something personal, professional or a bit of both” and explained that “there was a moment where everything overflowed.”

“I don't know if it was personal or professional or a bit of both. I understand how complex it has to be for the coach to manage an arrival like mine (…). Somehow there was a moment where everything overflowed and I think that in his head I was never the starting striker ”, the ex-footballer reviewed. “One can come to accept the reality that perhaps he is not here to play the 40 starting games, but he could never accept that he was not there to not even be among those called up,” explained the attacker.

El Niño played 160 games under the command of Simeone, 71 as a starter, scored 38 goals and gave eleven assists from January 2015 to June 2018, when he left the club.

“The idol of the club, obviously, generates a lot of expectation, generates a lot of attention in the media, but we coaches have to compensate for what the team always needs,” he explains. Simeone in the documentary, in which Torres points out: “He thinks that what he is doing is the best for the team.”

Torres did not like the way he responded Cholo at a press conference in February 2018, when he was asked if he would do everything possible to keep the youth squad. The Argentine responded with a resounding 'no' that sounded reproachful. A circumstance that led to Miguel Angel Gil Marin, CEO of Atlético, meet both in his fall to smooth things over. But the matter did not go as expected. “The meeting is not given because the club interprets that it is not good to have me on the bench,” says Fernando Torres. “I interpret that and I am the one that I value if that is a good situation for me, if I accept being the player or the idol who ends his last years on the bench, playing less and less, missing calls and turning off”, adds the former striker of the rojiblanco team.

“But it is not the club that tries to smooth or help in the transition. Not much less. That meeting is given by an unfortunate press conference of Simeone, where for the first time he has a bad response and an uncomfortable situation for the fans occurs. It is a meeting where I will listen, because I believe that what is going to be offered to me is an apology or an explanation and it is not like that. We exchange our opinions, also with Gil Marin and each one expresses their opinion and point of view ”, he added towers.


MD wanted to know what the fans think of Atlético de Madrid about this matter. And the conclusion is that being very divided on the subject, the truth is that the majority option is that towers he was right, he was to have been more taken advantage of by Diego Pablo Simeone.

Almost six out of ten fans who voted, among the 2,574 who participated, believe that “towers was to have more prominence in the Athletic”. 31.7% believe that “Simeone it was fair ”with him Boy and they recall that “he was responsible for the Madrilenian returning to Athletic”. Finally, 8.8% of those surveyed shared blame in both directions, opting for the fact that each one could be right in some points of their disagreement.