Picturesque, exotic and in ‘express’ mode: parallels between the wedding of Bárbara and Ángel Cristo and that of her son with Ana Herminia

The wedding of Angel Christ Jr y Ana Herminia This Sunday had little to do with the events we are used to: it was held in Honduras, in the middle of a reality and without hardly thinking about it. It was a complete ‘yes, I want’: said and done. However, its peculiarities remind us of another ceremony that at the time was also considered picturesque: Barbara Rey’s y Angel Christ.

Last Wednesday, Ana Herminia He traveled to Honduras to surprise the ex-vedette’s son, and the meeting was so emotional that it ended with the survivor kneeling to ask his girlfriend to marry him. At that moment they decided that, four days later, during the broadcast on April 28, they would get married by the Garifuna rite on the paradisiacal beaches of the Cayos Cochinos. And so it was, as the audience could witness from their sofa.

The ceremony did not miss a single detail. The staging was decorated with wedding props, and the protagonists came to the meeting dressed in Ibizan clothing. Without losing tradition, the groom was the first to arrive at the altar while the bride was made to wait. “I’m going to love you, I’m going to protect you, I’m going to take care of you, I’m going to understand you… let’s take advantage of this opportunity to spend the rest of our days together,” said Bárbara Rey’s son. “You deserve to be happy. I promise you today, love, that I am going to make you the happiest man in the world. I am going to love you all my life,” the Venezuelan businesswoman told him.

From the set of the program, Alexia Rivas conveyed Bárbara Rey’s opinion about her son’s marriage. “I notice her serene, but because of something she has told me, I also think that this disturbs her,” the journalist advanced. “If she could talk to him today she would tell him something that is very meaningful to me: “He wishes his son the best and hopes that this marriage goes well and lasts.”, he added. Some words that show the distance that exists today between mother and son, who, without betrayal involved, could spend a long time talking about their respective weddings, so different from each other, but equally unusual in the eyes of the rest.

It is worth remembering that Bárbara Rey and Ángel Cristo got married, like their son, in a rushed way. The relationship between Ángel Cristo Jr and Ana Herminia began just a year and two months ago, with the first image that exists of them being from March 2023. That of Totana, for its part, She married the tamer when they had only been dating for a few months.: was to announce their engagement and, just eight weeks later, walk down the aisle. And not just any one.

The parents of Ángel and Sofía Cristo got engaged on January 12, 1980 under the tent of the Russian circus., installed in the bullring of Valencia. The wedding, which welcomed 700 guests, was a social event. Father Miguel María Mendizábal, national chaplain of Circuses, Fairs and Traveling Shows, was the one who officiated the ceremony, whose speech was shaped by the couple: “In the history of the circus and in all nations, religious acts have been celebrated within the circus tent. Love each other like people in the entertainment world love each other, even though they have a bad reputation in this sense.

For the wedding ceremony, Bárbara Rey opted for a satin dress with a tulle neckline and train embroidered with guipure flowers. For the night, the star changed the silk to be more in line with the stop they had planned on her party itinerary, which ended at the casino. Everything was very fast and eccentric, so the first-born of the Murcian woman could not afford not to be up to par. Her wedding, like her mother’s, was characterized by being far from the norm and by capturing, of course, the attention of thousands of people on the other side of the world.