From José Manuel Soto to Rosa Villacastín and Noemí Galera: all the reactions to Sánchez’s speech

Pedro Sanchez announced this Monday that he will remain at the head of the presidency of the Government of Spain. She has communicated this through a conference in which she has assured that the continuous attacks against him and his wife, Begoña Gomez, they will not keep him from Moncloa. “My wife and I know that this smear campaign will not stop, but we can handle it,” reported the leader of the Executive, causing a flurry of reactions among various personalities of politics, media, culture and entertainment.

For five days, the leader of the PSOE has kept our country in suspense. “I need to stop and reflect. I urgently need to answer the question of whether it is worth it, despite the mud that the right and the extreme right try to turn politics into. Whether I should continue at the head of the Government or resign from this high honor. Despite the caricature that the right and the extreme right in politics and the media have tried to make of me, I have never been attached to the position. Yes, I have it in duty, political commitment and public service. “I do not go through positions, I assert the legitimacy of those high responsibilities to transform and advance the country that I love,” said the president on April 24. Now the decision has been madewhich has been a cause for celebration and disappointment, because it does not always rain to everyone’s liking.

Among the most notable reactions on social networks is that of Salvador Illafirst secretary of the PSC and leader of the Catalan socialists in the Parliament of Catalonia: “This is the best news for Catalonia. A brave decision to recover the dignity of politics and a commitment to stop those who try to undermine our democracy. Go ahead, president!” An hour later, the vice president of the Government and Minister of Labor spoke, Yolanda Diaz: “Seriousness, serenity and a country horizon are necessary.” The Foreign Minister, Jose Manuel Albareshas been “very happy”, a joy to which the Minister of Transport and Sustainable Mobility has joined, Oscar Puente.

On the other hand, the PP candidate, Alejandro Fernandez, has criticized the words of the President of the Government. “It has become clear: for Sánchez, it is not the judges who can condemn Puigdemont or prosecute his wife: Only he can decide that, and no one else but him.“, he wrote on Santiago Abascal, has also announced a press conference at 1:00 p.m.; and the appearance of the leader of the PP has been set for 1:30 p.m. Alberto Núñez Feijóo.

The ERC spokesperson in Congress, Gabriel Rufianhas celebrated the decision of the President of the Government, but has warned that It would be a “bad example” if he remains in charge of the Executive “without doing anything.” “It was a bad example if he left because it wasn’t a resignation, it was a surrender,” he says in a message published in .

From Vicente Vallés to José Manuel Soto

Journalists such as Vicente Vallés have also commented on the president’s decision. “We have come from a weekend of cult of personality and, after this decision, with the way in which he has explained it, We are entering a phase of Kirchnerism, where the cult of personality is transferred to mobilization“said the Antena 3 presenter on Susanna Griso’s program. “We are going to have a Government with a mobilized social base to defend it under any circumstance.”

Faced with the harshness of the presenter, another colleague, Rosa Villacastín, celebrated what happened: “Pedro Sánchez has decided to continue! I imagine Feijoo and Ayuso’s faces. I am happy as a citizen, and because those who have been spreading hatred and lies about the president, reflect on whether it is worth living in the mud or as the modern and supportive country that we are.” Another face of television, Noemí Galera, applauded the words de Sánchez with a wink to Triumph operation.

Jose Manuel Soto has been, once again, critical of the Government. The singer recalled the words he shared last week regarding the president’s letter. “Now there will be ‘spontaneous’ demonstrations of support and he will say that he has no choice but to stay and continue being the containment dam of fascism and such. Everything about him is a strategy, now it is in his best interest to play the victim and accuse everyone of unbearable persecution “I don’t believe anything…”, the artist tweeted, who, a few days later, added: “Well, that doesn’t fool anyone anymore.”