Willian Jose returns to exercise in Zubieta

Willian José returns to training in Zubieta. The presence of the Brazilian was the highlight of Real Sociedad's return to work after the positive draw against Real Madrid. The Brazilian forward tested positive for coronavirus in PCR tests performed on Tuesday, September 8, and two weeks later he has been able to exercise again with the group.


The Rio Ram has trained with the players who did not participate in the game against Real Madrid and those who played less minutes. Those who started in the starting eleven trained softly in the classic recovery session. Willian José was under the orders of Imanol Alguacil with a view to to be able to enter the call for the match against Elche at the Martínez Valero of this next Saturday. The Brazilian player received the good news that he had antibodies and had overcome the virus last Saturday, after passing the PCR tests with the rest of the squad, and could no longer infect his teammates. It was perhaps too hasty to put him in the call to receive Real Madrid, because he had not done any session during the week with the rest of the group.

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Willian José therefore returns to exercising normally, but pending his future, because it does not seem at all certain that on October 5, when the strange transfer market closes this summer, he will be on the Real Sociedad squad. The Maldonado investment fund, owner of a percentage of his federative rights, has not stopped moving him in the Premier League market together with his representatives, and in the club they already know officially that they have the interest of an English club determined to undertake their signing if they finally bet on him to reinforce their attack.

In the realistic club they expect an offer sooner rather than later for Willian José, and this time they are determined to accept it if they improve the 20 million euros that Tottenham rejected in January. It is speculated that the London club is behind the operation again, because with the Brazilian the agreement has already been closed since the beginning of the year. La Real, meanwhile, is prepared to react by betting on Sevilla's Carlos Fernandez, for whom he already has advanced contacts with Sevilla.