Porto mayor threatens UEFA with going to court

The mayor of Porto, Rui Moreira, today threatened UEFA with going to court for the losses caused to the city by the decision to change the venue for the 2020 Super Cup to Budapest and accused the body of lying. Moreira made these accusations during the meeting of the Porto Municipal Executive, where he presented a letter sent to UEFA after they decided to change the venue for the Super Cup final without contacting the City Council or giving them explanations, he said. “I hope to have an answer. If not, I think that in Geneva, which is where the UEFA headquarters are, there are courts“said the mayor, who accused the body of lying about the reasons for changing the venue.

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According to Moreira, UEFA would have decided to hold the Super Cup in Budapest because, after the decision for Lisbon to host the final 8 of the Champions League, it did not believe it was convenient for the two events to take place in the same country. However, the agency claimed that the decision was due to the situation of the pandemic in the city of Porto. “They could have said that the Champions League was in Lisbon and they didn't want another final to be in the same country, which was reasonable. Or they could have said that they would compensate Porto with something in two years. Or at least tell us something. They did not tell us anything, and worse: they said that it was not organized in Porto because of the pandemic situation“He said.” I am not aware that there is no pandemic in Budapest, “Moreira said, adding that in Lisbon the coronavirus situation was worse than in Porto when the Champions League was held and there was no problem.

We cannot accept that there has been no contact with us and even more so that they disseminate on their websites things that are objectively a lie“, said the mayor, who explained that Porto resigned from organizing other events because it was counting on hosting the Super Cup. Therefore, it hopes that UEFA will compensate the city in some way, or with the promise of being able to organize the Super Cup. within two years or with a “financial compensation for having contributed to disrespect and tarnish the name of Porto. “

In the letter, sent to UEFA on September 16 and to which EFE had access, the mayor emphasizes that Oporto “You will not stop claiming the repair of all the losses that this decision is causing you“, although he was available to discuss the matter and find a” solution favorable to all. “The final of the Super Cup will be held this Thursday in Budapest between Bayern Munich, winners of the Champions League, and Sevilla, champions of the Europa League.