EI Madrid of beginnings of the 80s had a classic trident: Juanito, Santillana and Cunningham. The one of the European comebacks formed it Butragueño, Santillana and Valdano (Juanito played more late in the midfield). The Madrid of mid 90s, who made a hand to Dream team from Cruyff, had Raúl, Zamorano and Amavisca. The Madrid of Capello, first and Heynckes, later, he added Balkan luxury: Raúl, Suker and Mijatovic (Morientes began to enter often instead of the Croatian and was a fixed starter in the Eighth and the Ninth). In the Galactic from the beginning of the century the great trident, asymmetrical, was the one formed by Raúl, Ronaldo and Zidane (and Figo far right). Raúl, Higuaín and Van Nistelrooy ran into the League 2007-08, which ended the Barça hallway at the Camp Nou. And in the unrepeatable was Christian The most famous trident arrived for its forcefulness and for its winning level in the collection of European Cups. The BBC (Bale, Benzema and Cristiano) conquered four Champions in five years. Hard to imagine that anyone can even match it.

So the club works in the offices, with the added and unexpected problem of the serious economic crisis derived from the COVID-19, for build a trident that will surely mark an era if it is consummated. It is the MHH, that is, Mbappé, Haaland and Hazard. A trident that would guarantee goal (especially with the French and the Norwegian giant), speed and overflow (the qualities of the Belgian, without forgetting what the PSG star when he is in top form) and a sense of spectacle. In the minds of the faithful of the Bernabéu they already imagine a attack with Mbappé entering like a whirlwind on the right, to Hazard taking over the left band already Haaland devouring everything I got to the area. Which will be a lot. He already showed against Schalke on Saturday, in the return of football worldwide, that the lockdown two months has not taken away his nose the Gol. And above here I would have Vinicius, Rodrygo, Asensio, Benzema on the bench …

Shield / Flag Real Madrid

Furthermore, the MHH is a perfect compendium of veterans and novices. If the club's expectations are met and they could arrive in the summer of 2021 both the star of PSG and that of Borussia Dortmund, this trident would add 73 years: 30 Hazard (will be on January 7), 22 Mbappé (will be on December 20 of this year) and 21 Haaland (will be 20 on July 21). An age average of 24.3, that it would go down no less than 21.3 when Vinicius entered to the trident instead of Hazard. The BBC, when Bale landed at the Bernabéu on September 2, 2013, had a average of 25.6 (Cristiano was 28 then, Benzema 25 and Welsh 24). In other words, if Madrid fulfills the dream of reuniting the MHH, habemus luxury trident for a long time…

The three components of the new trident


The Norwegian it stopped being a promise months ago. A boy who is capable of scoring 10 goals in his first seven Champions League games, leaving back to Messi and Cristiano (never in their starts did they average such numbers) and that is enough 13 auctions to put your signature on your first 10 goals in the Bundesliga, is that it is chosen to mark an era. By height, physique and finishing force remember a lot to that Lewandowski who was also uncovered in the matter with the Borussia Dortmund shirt. Madrid did not dare in its day with the Pole and therefore does not want to repeat that strategic mistake now with the Norwegian. There is scorer for a decade.


French marveled at el Rusi World Cupa and at 19 years old many saw him ready to make the leap to throne occupied by Messi and Cristiano in this last decade. But you have been penalized failures in Champions from PSG (He could not pass until this course of the round of 16) and his confrontations with Tuchel, that at a disciplinary level they do not leave you in a very good place. But he's still a player with a huge potential, very fast and unstoppable on the wing and a potential nine when he steps on the area. Last year he discussed the Golden Boot to Messi. He has only two years left on his contract and hopes to force his departure to Madrid in the summer of 2021.


The last big signing of the white club, the only one with Bale to overcome the symbolic 100 million barrier euros, he has not been able to give his best for that kick de Meunier and his subsequent relapse go through the operating room. This stop by the Covid-19 has helped him get your joint back and you can play the final leg of this turbulent season. Real Madrid, who came to fill 50,000 seats at the Bernabéu on the day of his presentation, awaits him. Zidane, too. In a Madrid with no goal, Hazard came from offering 16 last year at Chelsea. An imbalance and lucidity that could only be seen in his only official goal, Granada. He has returned to fine Valdebebas and wanting to claim.


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