“On a sentimental level, this is the most important title for me. I had a dream that was to win with Atlético and I have fulfilled it”. Those words of Fernando Torres summarize everything. What that title meant to The boy. The 2018 Europa League. Your last chance to fulfill that dream of a boy who was a ball boy in the Calderón, a stadium he came to from the hand of his grandfather, where he grew up and heard his last name chant when he had not yet come of age. Today is two years since that moment which also meant the finishing touch of Fernando Torres' career at AtléticoA few days later, he announced that his career would continue in Japan, in Sagan Tosu, the team in which he would retire last summer.

But still May 16, 2016, Atlético heads to the Stade de Lyon, Gabi is still the footballer who carries the 'C' of captain in his armTorres feels that nervous tickling at the tips of his fingers, the one of the last chance. His contract with the rojiblanco club ends in June. There will be no more. He went to Liverpool in 2007, three years before the Hamburg Europa League. All the titles that Atlético won in this period had to be seen on television.. In Milan he caressed the Champions, he was already wearing the red and white, he lived it, not only did he see it, but he escaped and his crying photo from the San Siro lawn was the photo of all the athletes.

“To all the children who are from the Atleti: nothing is impossible”

An opportunity. The last. The rival was MarseilleBut Payet was reckless as soon as he jumped onto the grass, which seemed to condemn him in half an hour. He touched the trophy when the teams jumped into the match. Gross mistake. He would be injured in 31 '. At that time Griezmann had already scored the first of his two goals on the night. The third would be a matter for Gabi and, curiously, what happened with Torres was known, that there would be no more official matches with Atlético but his would not. While Capi celebrated 3-0 by simulating a shot with his arms dedicated to the stands, he promised his sons that he would, if he scored, in honor of them. When the referee whistled the end together they raised that title to heaven. The first of the photos that Torres will never forget. A title in your hands. A title won with Atlético for the one who was champion of the World Cup, of two Eurocopas, of the Champions, of the Europa League, of as much as he could imagine. That was missing, only that, which he had in his hands on the night of Lyon, on the night of Madrid in the celebration of May 18. Neptune fell dark with those words. “To all children who have dreams, nothing is impossible, and less if you are athletic, force Atletiiii “. His.


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