The Barça is at the gates of entering the third phase of the LaLiga protocol which will allow you to perform reduced group training with a maximum of ten people in the field. In the second stage, which already accumulates seven individual sessions, is basically looking for the physical overhaul of the footballer after almost two months of confinement at home. In this period, the physical trainers had set themselves the main objective of starting to accumulate workloads progressively so that the player began to recover sensations. This is a very important phase because a faulty reconditioning could end in form of injury, as unfortunately happened with Samuel Umtiti on the second day of training.

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Everybody Players have adapted his work according to the physical demands and needs in a specific and individual planning. GPS vests have been reporting these days the evolution and progression in the form of data: distance traveled, distances covered at high speed, sprints, number of high intensity accelerations and decelerations, distance traveled of high metabolic power and average metabolic power, frequencies of technical-tactical actions, among others.

The first conclusion is that wingers and midfielders are the ones that lget fitter at this point in the preseason. Frenkie de Jong It is in the lead in terms of greater distances covered in this first phase of individual training, while Nelson Semedo was the one who has traveled more meters in high speed, Arthur Vidal the one that has added the most distance of high metabolic power and Ivan Rakitic who has accounted for greater resilience in continued efforts.

In general there is a satisfaction by of the technicians since it is considered to have been partly fulfilled the objectiveor of this first phase: the reconditioning to group training. In fact, as already published by AS, the players arrived in better condition than expected after confinement (30-35% were expected in the state of form and the first rresults raised the percentage to 40 or 45%), so the challenge during this first phase was to increase the conditioning to 50% of the optimal state for the competition. According to sources consulted by the first team, it is considered that the objective has been met and practically all footballers will enter the group session phase in small groups with 50% of physical load already completed.


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