Two weeks after its release, GH VIP: Limit 48 hours comes to an end after poor audience results (11.8% on average). Space, driven by Martha Flich, will be replaced by cinema from next week. And it is not the only novelty of Fuencarral’s star format: Mediaset has decided to recover the daily summaries (which will replace Chinese Stories) and in front of them will be Lara Alvarez.

The Asturian, who took a year off away from the spotlight due to an anxiety and mental health problem, thus returns to the world of realities after having presented this summer I slip with very discreet data. Her partner, Marta Flich, has already welcomed her through social networks with a brief message.

The announcement of these two new features comes after the surprise cancellation of Chinese Storiesthe program with which Jorge Javier Vázquez intended to snatch the leadership of access-prime time from Pablo Motos and The Anthill. He has not met expectations and the one from Badalona is unemployed again: “I arrived in the neighborhood willing to stay for a long time, but the rents are sky-high! It couldn’t be. From here my most sincere congratulations to Pablo Motos, Carlos Sobera, Wyoming and, of course, to the entire cast of Cuatro Estrellas because they remain on the fringe thanks to what we all look for when starting a program: success. It’s time to pack your bags and, as Manuela Carmena told us yesterday: Keep trusting in life. Always. Thank you and sorry for not having been able to find the key to your complicity. That’s the shame I have left.”he said on social networks.