Luis Suárez was injured in the Spanish Super Cup that was played in Saudi Arabia. He went through the operating room and at that moment he almost gave up on the season, but the stoppage caused by the coronavirus has given him an opportunity and now he has been training for the same rhythm as his teammates for three weeks and points out that it will be a luxury reinforcement for Setién and that even It could reappear in Mallorca on Saturday June 13.

“I feel very good, adapting at the beginning to what it is to train with the teammates, going little by little and obviously that after the return from an injury it is difficult because you are somewhat afraid but already enjoying training with the teammates”, he declared in an interview with the club's media.

Before the return of the competition, the Uruguayan explains that his feelings are multiple: “It is a mixture of everything because We are not used to playing in such hot weather in the middle of the summer but for something we are adapting and the team is getting used to what matches are and playing in this heat. As for the public, there will be something peculiar about playing in stadiums without people, but we will have to adapt, I already had to play a game without an audience on one occasion and well we will try to focus on football and try to win the games to be able to take away the League which is what we want ”.

The Barcelona forward explains that he has lived in confinement with pain due to the “misfortune of the deaths that have already happened, but little by little we can once again enjoy our lives and seeing the children being able to go out for a walk makes us very happy. . It has been difficult and complicated because as everyone knows with children it is very complicated, and more so with the daily tasks that they were sent to school. There are many, many people who have had a worse time due to different circumstances, but there were also many people to help and see what was happening day by day, training in the way that one could at home and waiting for something to be decided in order to return to normality. ” .


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