La Real is ready in case you play with the public

In a week, Sevilla-Betis will kick off the remaining eleven days of the League, which, initially, will be played behind closed doors, although Real continue to work to prepare for the green light to end the championship with public in the stands. As MD already advanced on Monday, in the txuri urdin club it is not ruled out that any of the six remaining games to be played in Anoeta can be played with the public, albeit in a reduced capacity, and the entry of Euskadi in Phase 3 of the The de-escalation from Monday opens a new scenario in which, predictably, the governments of the autonomous communities will have the last word when deciding whether or not to open football stadiums.

The Spanish government must decide whether, as of Monday, it cedes full governance to the autonomous governments that access Phase 3, in which case, in the txuri urdin club it is understood that the criteria to be respected will be that of the leaders of each community. The CSD President, Irene
LushHowever, he stated in an interview in SER's ‘El larguero’ that until “not all the provinces are in the same phase, it is radically impossible for some stadiums to have a public and in others not.” And is that the will to Lush it is “respecting the integrity of the competition”, that is, that all teams play at once with the public. This hypothesis would not be possible before June 21, when the alarm state ends and, therefore, all the provinces are in phase 3. Lush He admitted that, at that point, “we would stick to the health situation. Depending on how the pandemic evolves, it will have to be studied, ”he said, referring to the return of the public to the fields.

The Royal will abide by government orders, be they of Gasteiz or those of Madrid. It is most likely that until June 21 it will not be evaluated whether people are allowed to enter the stadiums and until then it will be played empty door. From that date, in any case, the options for a football with an audience will grow in the final stretch of the season, which would become dependent on a Basque Government that could allow, for example, spectators on the pediments from July 1 .