Augustine Etienne became somewhat known for his professional relationship with Tono Sanchis and his romantic relationship with Arantxa de Benito. Before, in addition, the representative was with the actress and stripper Tatiana Delgadoalso known for her participation in Survivors 2011.

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Tatiana herself has intervened this Friday in Save me to talk about Agustín, who is now related to Olga Moreno: “He uses the same strategy with everyone. He tells you that you are unique and he cajoles you,” he said.

He has not left him in a good place and has compared him to his former boss, the controversial Toño Sanchís: “He was his best student, and he learned from a bad person, a manipulator, who deceived me and took advantage of my weak moments.”

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Augustine is especially well known in the circle of Save me for the professional relationship he had with Bethlehem Esteban. He was also linked to Terelu Campos, who this Friday has explained in the program that, on a professional level, he never had problems with him. The princess of the town confessed the same thing a few days ago, assuring that they did not break their professional bond due to economic clashes.

On a sentimental level, Etienne dated Arantxa de Benito, the ex of littlefor six years, from 2013 to 2009. In July, Informalia He already announced that there was a rumor that Olga was entertaining himself with this Argentine living in Spain. Among the staff represented by him, in addition to Olga, is himself Antonio David Flores and the young Ro.