They call Ana Rosa a “manipulator” live after defending Susanna Griso over the latest controversy at Viña Rock

Ana Rosa Quintana has experienced a tense scuffle live after intervening in TardeAR grass, one of the organizers of an alleged mass orgy that was going to take place at the Viña Rock festival, in Villarrobledo. The interviewee has called the presenter “manipulative” hours after he declared that the press has wrongly reported on this matter. According to him, at no time was this sexual encounter proposed.

On this Thursday morning, the organizer pointed out Ana Rosa for “manipulating” information about the festival and, in addition, he has disqualified Susanna Griso by ensuring that she had been “taken out of context” because of her programs. For this reason, the Telecinco presenter has shown her discontent after the sexual event did not take place. “How you have teased us,” he blurted out at the beginning of his interview on Telecinco’s afternoon slot.

“I would like to clarify that there have been about 45 or 50 people and At no time did we promise an orgy of 7,000 peoplethat is a derivative of the boom that the media has had,” explained Barëh, who added: “At no time have we asked the media to publish a poster of this type, causing expectations […] “Read me somewhere on the sign that it said it was going to be a massive orgy.”

The interviewer stressed that they never wanted to promote an orgy, but rather to create workshops and talks to raise awareness about consensual sex in a space at the festival. However, this has not convinced Ana Rosa, who has assessed that “lessons, at this point, are the minimum.” Afterwards, she took a swipe at her professional colleague: “I think you should apologize to my colleague Susanna Griso, whom you insulted.”

However, far from apologizing, the organizer has questioned the presenter’s ways: “How have we changed from one topic to another? We haven’t finished with one and you have already started with another, Ana Rosa, that’s why I didn’t want to talk to you “. “I am the presenter and I ask the questions that seem to me“, responded the journalist.

It was then that the interviewee referred to the presenter as “a manipulator”. “Insist that you seem like a manipulator to me, I have no problem saying it. You seem that way to me and to many people collectively,” he said, because, in his opinion, he has “taken out of context” the poster announcing the supposed orgy because he “likes morbidity.” A few words after which The journalist claimed to have “more education.” Thus, she refused to continue arguing and ended the interview.