The national men’s football coach, Luis Enrique Martínez, made it clear this Friday that he has had his “best week” in terms of training with his players, “with a beastly rhythm”, and that therefore “he is optimistic about what is coming”, and also assured that he has “40 or 50 stars” to form a team above individualities with which “until now” it has not gone “badly”.

“I trust a lot in the sensations of what I see training and this has been for me the best week, in terms of intensity and in terms of training and quality, of my entire career as a coach, I am especially happy, I have not seen even one alone with some doubt and that makes me be optimistic about what is coming,” Luis Enrique said this Friday at a press conference.

The Spaniard pointed out that “the pace of training has been brutal”. “We have been able to work and remember things, I see everyone very prepared, we know that behind the curtains there is an event that excites. For the game I will try to choose what I think is best and what is most decisive for the game that is going to happen”, stressed.

The one from Gijón gave no clues about the eleven, although he admitted to a journalist that he was not “misguided” when asked if he would bet on the offensive front for Morata, Ferran Torres and Sarabia. “Beyond the result against Switzerland, beating Portugal we would be in the ‘F4, but it is not about coming to hang out or speculate, those who consider the most prepared will play. We are going to try to make our fans enjoy and enjoy the return to Zaragoza,” he pointed out.

In any case, he recalled that, when asked about the possibility of seeing Morata and Borja Iglesias in the eleven, “the good guys can always play together” and that his team “never changes the way they attack, be it one or the other.” “No player conditions this team, this is a team sport,” he warned.

“One of my slogans is to make my players better and for that they must feel the confidence of the coach. I have 40 or 50 stars, I don’t know if they are better than those of other teams, I see a team of stars that don’t stop run and that when he has the ball he knows what they do. If he will give us to win? Until now it has not gone badly for us”, he remarked about the absence of a player who stands out above another as has happened in the basketball team.

Regarding Ferran Torres’ form, Luis Enrique explained that “confidence is important”. “And we try to work on that when the players come, to reinforce their positive attitude. It seems that Ferran has changed and he is a winger with a goal, which is something very difficult to have, and he has helped us since he we have returned. There is no doubt with him”, commented.

“Here the input with the player is direct. It takes me longer to analyze our team than the rivals. The player knows and values ​​the information I give him and if he takes better advantage of it, it will have repercussions on the team”, continued the coach, to whom It would seem “wonderful” to him to be able to transfer his innovation with the loudspeakers during training this week to a game, although “the only handicap” to start him up in a game is that “the tension increases and giving too many orders is not the most convenient “.

Facing the match against Switzerland, he stressed that the “circumstances of the matches change”, but that he does not expect a “defensive” rival. “They play very well and it will be a very difficult game. They are bottom of the group and if they don’t get the points they go down and it is detrimental to that, that is a motivation. Physically it is a very strong team, technically with very capable players and it will be a game matched like the ones we have played against them,” he said.

Finally, asked about his future and if he would continue until 2023 in case of getting the pass to the ‘Final Four’ of the League of Nations, he was blunt again. “The future does not exist, there is today and there is no news because we don’t want there to be any. I am not at all worried about anything else that may happen today, the Switzerland match is what has to motivate us. We are both Enchanted parties that it is like that, it is more, we have agreed it like that. It does not condition me at all”, he sentenced.