NFL Season 2019 – The first game was low scoring

The NFL Season 2019 is underway and this is the 100th season for the most renowned football tournament in the US. The first-ever game in the game was low scoring.

The inaugural game between Packers vs. Bears went to Packers. The Packers took the Bears down by a score of 10-3. The game did not come with any sort of offense. Thursday’s game in Chicago was not much a good and interesting game as expected.

Packers made their beginning with the slow offense. However, later on, they went on to achieve the best standards. Bears lost the match, but still, they were found to be offering the best possible defense. In fact, their defense has been one of the most powerful.

The ability of the Bears was evident when they were able to hold the might of Aaron Rodgers for seven points. There were a few players who could hold up the Packers.

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Packers cornerback Tramon Williams was found taking a dig at his counterpart Mitchell Trubisky of Bears. He stated after the game, “We wanted to make Mitch play quarterback,”. It clearly indicates that he had confidence that he will win the game.

The next match for the Packers will be against Minnesota Vikings. Bear will meet the Broncos in their next game.