After a rather complicated operation on the cervical spine, María Zurita, who celebrates her 48th birthday this Saturday, tries to recover the daily routine in the capital. Still recovering from the intervention she had to undergo due to the terrible pain she suffered, Infanta Margarita’s daughter is happy and satisfied with the result, although she still has a long recovery ahead of her.

Taking the day by day more calmly, on this occasion we saw the cousin of Philip VI Leaving the house to walk your pet. Relaxed, Don Juan Carlos’s niece also took advantage of the walk to make some phone calls with headphones and wearing some dressings in the neck area that she still has to wear to ensure the healing of the suture.

Going for comfort, María chose brown striped pants, a white shirt and a green jacket for the occasion, which she combined perfectly with sunglasses and sneakers.

The former ‘MasterChef Celebrity’ contestant confessed to us that it had been “an operation that they did wonderfully well and at least I no longer have pain. The nerve in my arm was going to get hurt, so it’s over.”

María, grateful for the work of the doctors, explained to us what steps she has to follow now: “Yes, yes, very much. The truth is that it has been a spectacular job and I am very grateful. Now relax, take a lot of walking, I will take it “Be a little calmer and strengthen my back a lot. I’ll sign up for Pilates or whatever and, nothing, back to work.”